Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"No Pins" tag and more about Pinterest

Lots of buzz about Pinterest these days.  Another interesting post by Craft Test Dummies: The Perils of Pinterest.
Unclear and contradictory Terms of Service, the hijacking of affiliate marketing links, and the fear of intellectual property infringement are now causing artists and crafters to delete their pinboards and install the “No Pin” meta tag.
But should YOU?


Jeanne said...

Everyone needs to click through and read that article. It's so important to understand the legalese nightmare that Pinterest has awakened, and how it is encouraging copyright infringement on one side but clearly warning everyone not to do it in the Terms of Service. Yikes!!!

Galleon gal said...

Had to let go of this pinterest account, As an Artists Did not need any of my artwork That has been accomplished to be compromised. My computer just had a difficult time letting me stay signed in and unsure of so much else