Find a Mentor by Language/Location


  • For fast shop advice or to ask a general question of the Team, check out the SASsy Critiques forum where you can post your question and all team members can respond.
  • For help with specific topics, or if you need/prefer a private conversation, we welcome you to choose from the list of mentors below. This list is organized by language and location. Click the shop name and contact the Mentor directly by Etsy convo. Let them know you found them in our team thread and include as much detail as you can about what help it is you need.
  • Please remember that our members are volunteers and deserve to be treated with respect. 
  • If you want to find a mentor based on their specialty or area of expertise: SASsy Members by Expertise, Shop type and Technique List

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SASsy Mentors Listed by Additional Languages They Speak:

(Note: All SASsy mentors speak English) 

- Bulgarian -

- French (Fluent) -

- French (Basic) -

- Latvian -

- Polish (Basic) -

- Spanish (Fluent) -

- Spanish (Basic) -

SASsy Mentors Listed by Location:

- Australia -

- Bulgaria -

- Canada -

- France -

- Ireland -

- Spain -

- USA -

- UK -