FAQs and Joining the Team

How do I find a SASsy member to help/Mentor me?
Please choose a Mentor from our team list whose areas of expertise fit your need.  Contact the mentor directly by Etsy convo and let them know you found them here on our team list. Ask questions and include as much detail as you can about what help it is you need. Please remember that our members are volunteers who deserve to be treated with respect.

Why do some mentors have – Expert – next to their name?
Sellers with an “– Expert –“ label in a category feel they can answer any question about that topic or technique. These are the sellers to ask if your question is a tricky one! Sellers with this label have provided some evidence to the team that they are an expert in this area. For example, a seller may be an expert in marketing because they have been working full time in this field for 5 years.

I contacted a Mentor a week ago but didn't get a reply. What should I do?
You should receive a reply within a week.  Please double check the mentor's shop announcement to make sure they are not on vacation. Then please contact our team leaders, Cindy or Becka, with the mentor's shop name so they can follow up. We do our best to make sure that the list is up to date with active mentors, but sometimes things can come up and someone may not be available. You can also try asking more than one SASsy member to help you if you need answers quickly.

I have some knowledge that I would like to share! Can I become a mentor?
We welcome new members!

To become a SASsy mentor you must have:
  • At least 6 months selling on Etsy from the date of your first sale
  • At least 10 sales
  • Excellent feedback
  • You must be an expert in at least one subject/category. Saying you are an "expert" means that you feel you can answer ANY question on that subject.  Please give a short description of why you are qualified to be called an expert for that area (i.e. I'm an expert in marketing because that has been my day job for the past 5 years.)
  • IMPORTANT - You are not allowed to use your position as a SASsy Mentor to promote your business & services. If you sell items or services that help Etsy shops (graphics, banners, SEO advice, Shop Help, etc.), you are not allowed to offer those "for sale" items or services in any way when helping another Etsy seller. If we find out that you are doing this, you will be immediately removed from the team as this violates the very basic concept of "Sellers Assisting Sellers". Please disclose in your application if you sell any shop services, graphics, banners, SEO advice, shop help books, etc.
Mentor Responsibilities
  • In addition to one-on-one mentoring via convos and/or forum posts, every 3 months mentors are required to answer a "check in" email detailing their activities as a mentor and updating information. 
  • Mentors are also encouraged to participate in team activities which include:
    • Contributing in the SASsy critiques forum: http://www.etsy.com/teams/7702/sassy-critiques
    • Sharing some advice here on our team blog http://etsymentors.blogspot.com
    • Taking part in a live SAS critique in Etsy chat rooms or etsy forum
    • Taking part in a positive action for the team. For example: running a promotion to bring attention to the team or making a team treasury linking back to our team thread etc.
If you would like to become a mentor for Sellers Assisting Sellers (Team SASsy) please apply HERE.