Resources and Critiques

Etsy Shop Help
Beginners guide to starting a shop on Etsy
Etsy Sellers Handbook

Craftcult - cool tools and gadgets for Etsy Sellers
Handmadeology - A blog about everything handmade/etsy/business
Craftopolis - Etsy Seller Tools
Etsy Hacks
Statsy - Etsy Tools
EtsyStatus - Where to go if Etsy is Down

Marketing & Promoting
Handmade Spark - Marketing Service for Etsy Sellers (as well as blog for crafters)
Twitter Guidebook  - from
Best Twitter Tips
How to Use Twitter as a Marketing Tool
Promoting Your Shops More in Less Time
Marketing Your Handmade Business During the Holidays
Using Squidoo to Drive Traffic to Your Etsy Shop
Pimp Your Shop
How to Use Facebook to Market Your Business
How to Use Flickr as a Promotional Tool
7 Promotional Tools for Your Etsy Shop
How to Network Offline
I Heart Marketing my Etsy Shop
Advertising on Line - Etsy Guide to

Photography Help
Achieving Clarity & Crispness in your Photos
How to Style Your Photos
Photographing for Success
How to Make Your Photos Pop
Using EV and White Balance
How to Use a Lightbox & Photo Editing
Anna's Light Box Tutorial - how to make one
Studio Quality Photos with a $12 Set-Up
Etsy Photography Made Simple  - from Bomobob
50 Cent Lightbox  -  from Bomobob
Clothing Photography Tips
5 Cs of Photo Styling
DIY Lightbox
Before and After with Photoshop
Etsy Video How To - Photographing Your Items
Hot Tip - Photoshop & Gimp
Hot Tip - Resizing Photos
Natural Sunlight Product Photography Tips
2 Part Etsy Video Tutorial on Photography **Excellent!
Picnik - Free online Photo Editing

Google Analytics
Google Analytics - In depth look at Google Analytics for Etsy Sellers

SEO (search engine optimization)
Etsy and SEOMoz:  Helping the Etsy Community with SEO
Google's Keyword Tool
How to Place Keywords to Dominate Small Niches
Clean Up Your Tags for Better Views
Placing Keywords in Descriptions (Excellent!) - Part 1 -  Part 2 -  Part 3
Tagging for Success (Etsy)
Tag With Descriptive Keywords
Tagging for Maximum Exposure

Blog Help
Blog Help for Beginners
20 Essential Blog Directories
Blogging Inspiration

Getting a Shop Critique
If you would like to have your shop critiqued, or have general questions to ask Team SASsy, you can visit our SASsy Critique Forum on Etsy. To participate, join the team and leave us a post requesting a critique or asking your questions.  Be sure to read the info/rules at the top of the forum before posting.

You can also try our new Self Critique Checklist to see if you can troubleshoot and get answers to some of the common topics that come up.  See the link above.

Finding a Mentor
Choose a Mentor from this list:  Mentors by Expertise

Or Choose a mentor from this list:  Mentors by Location/Language