Monday, October 1, 2012

News you might have missed

 Seller Protection, Google Ads and Wholesale:  Etsy has made some pretty big announcements lately.  Just in case you have been busy and missed the big news

"Etsy’s new, comprehensive Seller Protection Program will ensure that our members have a safe and smooth experience buying and selling on Etsy. " 

"Google Product Search will soon be moving towards a paid-only model, but fret not — we’ve got your back."

"We’ll soon be launching Etsy Wholesale — a place for vendors and retailers to connect and discover unique products."


Valerie said...

It's hard to keep up lately isn't it! I'm really excited for the wholesale news, but wish they'd get the ball rolling a bit faster. Expanding that segment of my sales was one of my goals this year.

pinchood said...