Monday, October 15, 2012

New Etsy Feature: Browse Pages

Earlier this week Etsy introduced new “browse pages” which have taken the spot of the Discover pages & the listing categories on the Etsy home page. 

You can read the announcements here:
& there is a basic help file here on how it all works:
Despite the admin announcements, there are still a lot of questions, & a lot of confused sellers. Here are some basic pointers that address some of the most common concerns:

How are those Browse pages created? How do I show up there?
To fill the browsing pages, Etsy does many smaller searches for related words, & then combines them & sorts the listings by relevancy.
“our system looks across the entire marketplace for items that are relevant to the themes of the particular browse section, and then it displays those items sorted by relevancy.”
For example, for the browsing page Jewelry -> Earrings -> Eco Friendly
Etsy does smaller searches including "eco friendly" & “upcycled”, then combines the results. This is why the browsing pages looks very different than if you searched “eco friendly earrings” – they contain different searches, & the browse page does not need to match the exact phrase as the relevancy search does. Some of the listings do not even have the words “eco friendly” anywhere, but they do have words that fit the “eco friendly” theme. 

Listing Categories & Browse Categories are different.
A lot of people are upset that the browsing pages do not match the listing categories, but that should not affect your placement, since the listing categories have little impact on where you show up in the browsing pages. So I can list a new necklace in Geekery -> Science -> Jewelry & it could show up on the browsing page for Jewelry -> Men -> Necklace, since it has the words “men” & ”necklace” in the title. It doesn’t matter that the categories we use to list new items do not include “men” under Jewelry; the most important part is that you tag & title using the words Etsy is using to search to fill that browsing page. (Unfortunately, Etsy is not going to tell you what those words are, so you will need to look through the pages & figure each one out for yourself. But if you tag & title using a diversity of strong keywords, you should eventually show up in these pages)

Playing favorites?
There have been a lot of complaints that too many listings from the same shops are showing up, & Etsy appears to be looking into that. They have also already made a few changes to which browse page some items show up on. It will likely take a few weeks for this to be ironed out, & expect it to change periodically, just as the relevancy search does. 

Recency still matters & shoppers behaviour influences the ranking.
Just like the regular relevancy search on Etsy, ranking on the browsing pages gives some weight to the most recently listed items, as well as to “aggregate shopping and browsing behaviour”. This means that what people do with your listing when they see it on Etsy matters to your ranking. 

I hope this clears up some questions! Please ask more in the comments if you have them. 
Guest Post by Cindy, SASsy Team Co-Captain


Unknown said...

Good stuff, Cindy - I'm sure this will address many concerns for sellers.

pinchood said...


Karen said...

Excellent explanation. Thanks.

Eve's Little Earthlings said...

Great explanation and I have adjusted my tags. It has helped enormously in search, but try as I might, no improvement in browse. I have peeked at shop tags there, and feel mine are the same as theirs! I was ignoring the situation but one of my photos was on a browse landing page for a week and I got a lot of hits, so browse matters!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Eve on this. I research what people are doing on browse and mine will show up once in a blue moon, but mine will not stay there as some do.
Sure wish we could all be found and sell out of all our wares. (just positive wishing)

Honeymoon Bus said...

I have noticed that at the bottom of one store's listings, there are 18 or 19 tags instead of the usual 13 + 3 category tags. Hers start with browse categories (Craft Supplies, and then Sewing, Quilting & Needle Crafts, and then Patterns), then list the 3 category tags, and then her 13 listing tags. How do some sellers get Browse tags like this? And would they actually help get seen in Browse?

Muktangan said...

Good explanation...thanks!!

Joe Belrose said...

By adding more tags and materials at the bottom of your listing, as well as updating the title phrases (to match the tags and materials), do you feel that the improvements have the same effect as listing it properly from the start?

For example, you can click on the stats/traffic of your listing when the listing is live (product for sale). I'm having a hard time determining if there's been huge improvements after the changes, which leads me to think that listing it with the best title, description, materials, and tags from the start is the best.

Any thoughts, please let me know.
-Bella Rosa Galleries