Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hey, Look! There's a new About Page for your Shop

I just logged in to my shop today and discovered there is a new "About" page.  What a nice surprise!  You can read what Etsy has to say about it here in today's announcement.

The About page includes:
  • an image of the shop owner and members of the shop (note: this is cropped to be a circle, so be sure to pick an image that has focus in the center)
  • a short bio
  • your shop "story" of how you got started and what you are all about
  • 5 images
  • ability to add links to Facebook, Twitter, other blog and websites
To add your new About page info, go to the "Info & Appearance" tab on the "Your Shop" page.


Kristi Bowman said...

Thanks for the info. I like it sort of, I'm glad they are finally giving us a place to put our links but I don't like that it forces us to put a bunch of text in before you can save it. I think you should have the option. I put some quick temporary text in so that it would let me save what I had put in and I'll go back later and adjust it when I'v had time to put something together.

Becka said...

Kristi - I agree. I ended up not finishing mine and ditching the changes I had made because I wasn't quite ready to write all the text yet. I wish there was a "draft" mode.