Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Resource Article: Plain Speaking & Etsy Success

A great article from the blog that helps translate basic "Etsy Success" business advice into really simple step by step explanations:
There are some everyday success tips that will work well for almost any Etsy shop. The good news is these tips are simple, basic business steps. Though they are simple and basic, they must be implemented correctly. What if you’re not sure how to take apart a bit of advice and make it work for your shop? Here are some proven Etsy success tips, decoded, to make them easier to understand, implement and benefit from.
(Happy Leap Day everyone!)


Victoria said...

Great article, I didn't know Outright had a blog. I like the very last bit of information about keeping a note of when you make changes to be able to know the response to the change. My views and linkbacks go up and down and I sometimes never know why, so I am asking myself what change did I make or what posting did I do, either on Facebook, blog, tweet or comment. Google analytic shows stats, but I am still am not sure what the stats are responding to when I don't remember what I posted.

Kate said...

Thanks so much for sharing the link! The Outright blog always has such great information...and I totally love using it for my bookkeeping. It's made my life SO much easier!