Monday, March 9, 2009

Hearts, Views and Treasuries

Ever wonder how many shop hearts and views you have, if you are featured in a treasury, gift guides or front page? Check out these great tools created to help sellers just like you!

Lets start with views and hearts: Most etsy sellers know that by going to each item with in their shop they can click the link 'see who hearts this seller' and 'see who hearts this item' to see how many hearts they have...... But did you know about CraftCult? Craftcult is the home of the Heart-o-Matic
Type in your username and hit submit. You can see recent hearts, which items have hearts, and there is a tab to update 'real time' views that your shop has received. If you are looking to spread the word about your shop this is also a good promotional tool. click on the link at the bottom about advertising and found out how you can get your shop listed along the side.

Are you in a treasury?
You can go to the treasury and treasury west tabs with in etsy and search page by page for that lucky little star or you can head over to Craftolopis. All you have to do is type in your username and you will see all treasuries currently featuring your items. There is also a tab for gift guides, which are coming soon. In the mean time try this handy trick. Go to google search and type in

username site:

So this is what I would type in:

sygnetcreations site:

This search will bring up each gift guide you have ever been in not just the ones where you are currently featured. Have fun searching!

Was I on the front page?

All of a sudden your views are up, sales are up, and your hearts are flowing in... but you didn't see yourself on the front page. Don't worry, There is a group on flickr that pools screenshots of all treasuries that have made it to the front page of etsy. Just go to the Etsy Front Pagers group and search for your shop name in their picture pool.

You are now armed with fun tools to ease your obssesion.... but be warned..... You will find a brand new addiction to checking these sites daily for new info!

About the author: I am Amanda, owner extraordinaire of Sygnet Creations. I have been selling on etsy for over a year now and I loving it! I am a full time mom and military spouse. I tend to know a little about everything and I am always a friendly ear and convo away. Ask me anything.


Tangerine Dreams said...

Awesome! Great tools. Thanks so much!

BusyBeadLady said...

I've had this site in my favorites for a while now. Just happened upon this article. You are right, I'm addicted!