Friday, August 29, 2008

SASsy Blog Rules

We have created a basic set of guidelines for blog posts and would appreciate all authors giving them a peek before posting.

•All posts must be relevant to the nature of our team and therefore be positive and helpful. Resist the urge to shamelessly self promote or post off topic entries.

•Keep topics detailed and well written. Posts need to be more than one liners and links. Ideally, they should be fun & interesting as well.

•This is a multi-author blog and we want everyone to have their 15 minutes of fame. Save your post for the next day if someone has already posted that day.

•Please let everyone know who you are when posting an entry. A link to your shop would be appropriate and appreciated.

•Any photos should be appropriate, high resolution, and posted with links to the original owner. Please respect copyright laws.

•Removal of posts not following these guidelines will be done without notice or consent of the author. Occasional editing for grammar & spelling will be performed silently in the night.

•Authors who have not posted for 60 days will be removed.

Since we are new at this, anything else that becomes necessary will be added from time to time and we will make everyone aware of any changes. Input on these guidelines and anything we might have left out is welcome!

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