Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sellers Assisting Sellers Team now on facebook!

Custom Logo Cupcakes by shortbreadnyc

The Sellers Assisting Sellers Team is now on facebook! As well as linking to our new blog posts, we’ll also be sharing other useful business resources and announcing upcoming live critique sessions! You can find our facebook page here

Love Letter Necklace by SimonDesigns

Also, to make it easier to keep up with the articles published on this blog, you can now subscribe via email so that you don’t miss anything (in the box on the right panel). We’ll soon be interviewing some of The TeamSASsy mentors so that you can get to know the team and hear their best etsy tips.

If you’d like to join the team and become a mentor yourself, we’d love to have you! You can find information about how to join here

Le Gros Chat Noir Pendant by SuperVery

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Plantress said...

the love letter necklace really caught my eye. Something a little bit different!

Wonder Turtle Soaps said...

Oh, cool! I'm on my way to become a fan of your Page now :)