Monday, September 14, 2009

Etsy Rearrange Shop Feature

Written by sandrassatchels

I am so excited about the new "Rearrange" feature. In the past, as you know, once an item is listed, it could not be moved -- It was almost like having a store window, that once you place something in the window, you could not change it to accommodate coordinating pieces as they would come into the store.

I have up to 20 different fabrics at any given time, and 7 to 10 items in each fabric. Before the "Rearrange" feature, my customer who wanted a "large double pocket" shoulder bag in the Obsidian fabric, would not see all the accessories in the same fabric on the same page. Especially since I keep adding new items. Now, I have been able to arrange all of my Obsidian in a grouping. This is like showing the fries with the burger. This will promote multiple item sales. Instead of just a handbag, the customer will decide on a coin purse to go inside etc.,

This announcement was emailed on September 3, 2008. Follow this link. This is the simplest update I've ever enjoyed.

Thank you Etsy.


The Clever Kitty said...

I love the new RYS feature too! I feel like I'm really able to give my shop a more cohesive look, and highlight certain products by bringing them to the front page.

The Fab Miss B said...

I was just thrilled about this too. What a great way to have more control over the over all look and feel of your shop! Thank you Etsy indeed!