Thursday, December 18, 2008

Uploading your items to Google Base

I have seen my share of forum threads discussing the process of uploading products into Google Base. I for one never had the time to sit down and learn the big 'how to'. I was however very excited to learn of the site Let's Ets. This site has some very clever tools but the one I was eager to try was the Google Base Formatter. All you do is plug in your Etsy ID or username and click the fetch button.

On the next screen you will see a list of your etsy products, images, descriptions, and price. Look them over very carefully so all is in order. (*Note only the first 100 items are included)

At the very bottom of the page click the 'download bulk file' button. A window will pop up giving you the choice to either open or save. Make sure you click save. The file name will be your username followed by the .xml file type.

Now on to uploading that file to Google Base..... Once there click the data feed button and login if necessary. At the top there are two tabs. Click settings and make sure to include your etsy shop url in the website box. This is important when uploading your file. Click next and register your feed. Insure you select products from the drop down menu. The data feed file name is the same file name you downloaded earlier (usename.xml) Register your feed.

Once completed you will see the file name. Next to that is uploads. Click to manually upload your file now. Locate the file on your computer using the pop up window. Click upload and process file. You should now see the words 'Processing'. In a few moments (hours) your items will be uploaded and visible using the my items tab to the top right. If for some reason it comes back 'failed' try this processes over again and make sure all file names match. Your feed will stay live for 30 days. At that time you can repeat all of the above and stay active in the google shopping searches. Good Luck.

About the author: I am Amanda, owner extraordinaire of Sygnet Creations. I have been selling on etsy for over a year now and I loving it! I am a full time mom and military spouse. I tend to know a little about everything and I am always a friendly ear and convo away. Ask me anything.


Julia Catherine said...

I have heard the word 'google base' around alot but honestly have no clue WHAT it actually is! Can someone post a link about it?

Marja said...

Thanks so much for this post. It made is super easy to upload my entire store to Google Base. :)

Reesa said...

Amanda of,
O Fearless Leader of the EtsyFriends Team, I would be lost without you! Thank you!

Mannie of MannieMandible said...

So helpful, THANK YOU!


The Fab Miss B said...

I don't know what it is exactly, but I just did it! Thank you so much. So much great info to comb through on this blog.



Two Florida said...

This was very helpful! We are in the process of uploading our items to Google Base. Thanks so much for posting about this!! We had never heard of it!